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Krypton – Model Server for ML and DL Models built using FastAPI

This lockdown has given me lot’s of time to work on many things including personal wellbeing, spending more time with family, and yes, lot’s of cooking !!

One more important thing was the time I was spending on my ideas that were put in the garage, otherwise. Thanks to the lockdown, I was able to pull them out of the bin.

I am happy to share one of the opensource projects that I have been working on, is now available in beta release 🚀

It’s called Krypton ML

Krypton ML - AI/ML Model Server
Krypton CLI

Github 💻:
Docs 📚:
Getting Started:

My main objective of this project was to abstract the complexities of server-side development for Data Scientist and Machine Learning engineers who can now spend more time on model quality, rather than spending time developing REST API’s

This beta version gives you the ability to write simple Python scripts using Krypton specific pattern and put them inside the Krypton’s directory. Let Krypton take of the magic

This project currently is in rapid development mode.

I am working on adding more exciting and useful features like

  • API Authentication (API Key, OAuth based)
  • Exporting Model Endpoint performance metrics to statsd

I hope you will like the package, and provide feedback and suggestions on how this project can be improved !

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