Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change

Stephen Hawking

Setting up Ambassador API gateway on Kubernetes

By Varun Kruthiventi |  Sep 15, 2019  | Kubernetes, Ambassador, DevOps, Microservices
Microservices are the new age design pattern that has been widely adopted in the recent times by many large scale applications on the internet. Checkout how Uber is using Microservices at scale. In this age of popularity for Microservices, it’s important to understand the importance of API gateways. WHY DO WE NEED API GATEWAYS? Consider you have built a complex application, which includes a plethora of services, some of them are RESTFul services built using Python, Golang or even Java πŸ™‚
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Predicting Bitcoin Price using LSTM

By Varun Kruthiventi |  Jan 12, 2019  | Keras, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, ML, Data Science, DL, Time Series, featured
Predicting time series quantities has been an interesting domain in predictive analytics. Many traditional Quantitative forecasting methods like ARIMA, SES or SMA are time tested and widely used for things like predicting stock prices. With the amount of data we have around, neural networks make a good candidate for time-series forecasting that can outshine traditional statistical methods. Over the past few years, we had many new neural network architectures like CNN, RNN, and LSTM making inroads into Deep Learning.
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Exploring AutoML

By Varun Kruthiventi |  May 15, 2018  | H20, Machine Learning, Auto ML, ML, Data Science, featured
The short time I have spent on Kaggle, I have realized ensembling (stacking models) is the best way to perform well. Well, I am not the only one to think so !! Stacking is a Model Ensembling technique that combines predictions from multiple models and generates a new model. I am gonna write a new post on model ensembling πŸ™‚ I have experimented with multiple ensembling techniques and made a model with XGboost, LightGBM, and Keras for Zillow Zestimate problem which did perform well.
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